Repeat Cycle Timer
Model 500

Continuously runs pump cycles with independantly settable on/off ratio.

The TAT Model 500 Repeat Cycle Timer is a solid state timer that will alternately turn a pump on and off as long as power is applied to the unit. The timer is a microprocessor based timer with digital settings for greater setting accuracy than can be achieved with analog style repeat cycle timers. The timer is fully programmable to provide a number of time ranges and operating modes in one unit. The ON and OFF time ranges are individually programmable for four time ranges (see chart below). The timer can be programmed to have the ON time first instead of the OFF time first and to reset or non-reset on power interruption. Resetting time ranges is easily accomplished by using sever miniature rocker switches located inside the timer housing.

199.99 sec .01 sec
1999.9 sec .10 sec
199 min : 59 sec 1.00 sec
199 hr : 59 min 1.00 min

Each unit is equipped with:

The timer box measures 10" wide, 7" deep, 6.5" high and comes with rubber mounting feet.

  • Specify:
    TAT Model 500-115 for 115V AC
    TAT Model 500-230 for 230V AC
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