Ink Pumps

  • Easy to Clean
  • No Bubbling in Water Based Inks
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Cost

The TAT Peristaltic Ink Pump

  • Fluid completely contained in elastomer pumping element
  • No valves
  • No seals
  • No contamination
  • No corrosion
TAT Peristaltic Ink Pumps offer superior performance for printers compared to conventional diaphragm or centrifugal pumps, particularly for those using several color changes.  Consider these benefits:
  • Easy to Clean - Since the ink contacts only the tubing, cleaning is reduced typically to 10 to 15 minutes - 1/3 the time to clean diaphragm or centrifugal pumps.  To clean, simply pump the solvent through the tubing pump.  With the final rinse, pump a small sponge through to wipe the tubing clean from any residue streaks of ink.  The unit is now ready for new ink!
  • No Bubbling - Recent government regulations are forcing printers to switch from solvent based to water based ink.  Other types of pumps create cavitation or bubbling in water based inks, causing defective ink coverage and significant scrap.  TAT Peristaltic Ink Pumps prevent bubbling completely.
  • Low Maintenance - Since there are no valves or seals, and only the tubing has to be replaced, maintenance is extremely low.
  • Reduced Downtime - from reduced cleaning time and the elimination of bubbling problems.  Productivity is increased.
The tubing is squeezed by a pair of rollers.  The rollers force the tube to push the fluid out in front - as the tubing comes back to shape, it creates a vacuum and air pressure pushes fluid into the pump. Click here to see several ink pump models available with their specifications.  Then call or FAX your requirements for a prompt, competitive quote - today!