Model 410-68QB


For a Quick & Easy Way To Sample Water From 
  • Test Wells
  • Shallow Wells
  • Streams & Rivers
  • Manholes & Culverts
The Model 410-68QB is a silicone peristaltic pump with 1/8" wall tubing.  The self-contained battery is recharged with an automotive type battery charger in 1 1/2 hours.  The battery has sufficient power to run the pump for over half an hour without recharging.  The pump has a three position switch -- 1 for sample taking, 2 for off & charge, 3 to purge the suction lines to prevent cross contamination of samples.  The pump can be run or mounted in any position.
Model 410-68QB Performance
Tube - Inside Diameter in Inches 1/4 3/8 1/2
Maximum Suction Lift in Feet 28 21 15
Capacity at Max. Lift in Gal./Min. .7 1.3 2.0




Exploded Part Diagram with Replacement Part Pricing  
  • Self-contained rechargeable 12v. battery
  • Can be run from exterior D.C. source
  • Runs for over 1/2 hour without charging
  • Battery is rechargeable with an inexpensive automobile charger
  • Particles almost as large as the inside diameter of the tube can be pumped
  • Pump can be run backward to purge the suction line to prevent cross contamination of the sample
  • Pump and battery weigh less than 11 lbs.
  • Pump can be run dry without harm
Pictured below is the 410-68QB with Adapter